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All-New Fun Waits for You This Summer at Universal Orlando Resort

DreamWorks Land featuring Trolls, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more

From Shrek's swamp to a dazzling new nighttime spectacular, a celebration of Hogwarts and a BIG new parade await you!

The fun all starts June 14th!

DreamWorks Land opens, where you can hang out with Shrek, ride the Trollercoaster, learn kung fu with Po, meet Gabby and more! Lots of interactive play features here, too!

CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular is an all-new nighttime lagoon show, featuring scores and scenes from your favorite films, like Jurassic World, Jaws, Ghostbusters and many more. 288 fountains will reach up to 131 feet in the air, accompanied by 600 drones- it's sure to end your Universal day in the most unforgettable way!

CineSational, a new nighttime spectacular show at Universal Orlando Resort

Hogwarts Always is a new castle projection show, taking you through some of the highlights of a year at Hogwarts, featuring 4 different endings, and capping off with a colorful pyrotechnic display!

Hogwarts Always, a new nighttime castle projection show at Hogwarts Castle, at Universal Orlando Resort

Joining the fun on July 3rd, the Universal Mega Movie Parade will be Universal's largest daytime parade to date! 13 all new floats and 100 performers will celebrate some of Universal's most beloved stories. Keep an eye out for E.T., Back to the Future, a 16-foot tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and even a fierce T-rex!

Universal Mega Movie Parade, a new daytime parade at Universal Orlando Resort featuring favorite movies

2024 is a fantastic time to visit Universal! Come explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, face your fear on Velocicoaster, see if you've got what it takes on Villain-Con Minion Blast, and don't forget to make a splash at Volcano Bay. Seriously, go before Universal turns into a week-long vacation in 2025!

Level up your summer with all this and more. Let me design your perfect Universal vacation package, complete with a convenient hotel stay (and all the perks!), theme park tickets, Express Passes to skip the lines, transportation and the inside scoop on the best places to watch all these new shows!

DreamWorks Land, opening June 14, 2024 at Universal Orlando Resort


As always, I am here to help you design your dream vacation. If you've got planning questions, I've got answers! Schedule a Zoom call or phone appointment with me anytime, and let's begin!

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