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Big Changes Coming to Walt Disney World's Genie+ Service

The White Rabbit, looking surprised at the time

No More Waking Up at 7am on Vacation!

That's right! BIG changes are coming to Walt Disney World's Genie+ service! Here's a brief overview of what we know so far:

  • The whole system is getting a name makeover!

    • Genie+ service will be called Lightning Lane Multi Pass!

      • and if you immediately thought of the Fifth Element, you are my kind of people!

    • Individual Lightning Lanes will be called Lightning Lane Single Passes!

  • You can book BEFORE you arrive! Hallelujah, yes- this means no more waking up at 6:45am on vacation every day!

    • Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel will be able to book (or have me book for you) beginning at 7am EST, 7 days before you check in

    • All other guests will be able to book (or have me book for you) beginning at 7am EST, 3 days before you arrive

      • Just one of many reasons why staying at a Disney hotel makes your vacation more complete- and much more magical

  • You will be able to choose 3 attractions ahead of time with the Multi Pass, along with up to 2 Single Passes, per day of your vacation!

  • The attractions at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios will be divided into two groups, based on popularity.

    • You will choose one from Group 1, and two from Group 2

    • This means strategy will be key in getting all your must-do's in! Just one more reason why you want a vacation fairy- so you can benefit from my knowledge, training and firsthand experience! I'll help create a customized plan for each of your park days, so you can get more done.

  • If you're staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you can book your Lightning Lane Passes for ALL of your vacation days, at once, 7 days before you arrive!

    • This means it's so much easier to coordinate your daily plans, including planning around dining reservations, activities, pool time and sleeping in!

  • Once you arrive at the park for that day, and use your first return time, you can book another one!

    • This means you can hold multiple return times at once, all day

  • This service will also work for Park Hopping!

    • Pre-arrival selections will be available for one park only

    • Once you arrive at that park and scan into your first return time, you will be able to book a return time at any of the other parks

    • Again, strategy is going to be key, to ensure you can get in all your must-do's

  • Select ride photos will be available for download with your purchase of Lightning Lane Passes.

    • But not all, and not any of your in-park photos, which is why I recommend adding Memory Maker to your vacation package!

Disneyland guests, your names are changing, but that's about it. The rest of the existing service will remain the same.

These changes go into effect on July 24, 2024. So there's a lot we still don't know. Like:

  • Which rides will sell out first? (I have some guesses based on the old FastPass system, but that was quite a few years ago now)

  • How crucial is booking right at 7am on my pre-planning day?

  • How easy is it to modify a booked return time?

  • How many return times can I expect to book in one day?

And lots of other things- some of which we haven't thought of yet!

This is exactly why planning your vacation with an experienced travel advisor makes a difference! Do you really want to have to research all this stuff yourself? And what it it changes again before you travel? How will you know?

You've got enough going on! Let me handle the research, reminders and yes! I will even email you as soon as important changes are announced that impact your vacation. All so you can have a stress-free planning experience, and a hassle-free vacation that's magical and memorable.

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