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Disney Vacation Packing Essentials

Ready to Start Shopping and Packing?

Having the right stuff with you on your vacation will ensure you have an easier time. Below are some of my favorite things to bring with me to Disney! This isn't a complete packing list- but I do provide my complete sample packing list to my clients in your digital vacation itinerary!

These are affiliate links, and I may make a small commission when you purchase through my link.

Look Good!

Purchasing Disney shirts, ears and accessories ahead of time will save you some money, plus gives you options to arrive ready! is Disney's official shopping website, and by all means- go for it!

If you'd like some cheaper options that are still cute, you can find tons of shirts by searching your favorite characters or movies on Amazon and Etsy.

Etsy is also a good place to find unique ears for your trip!

Some of my favorites on Etsy:

Magical Main Street USA for incredible earrings!

Happiness is Addictive for shirts and dresses! Watch your sizing on the dresses- she does not do returns. But I am obsessed with mine- SO cute and comfortable to wear in the parks!

Pixie's Tiny Things for clothes, accessories and home decor!

Here are some of my faves I found on Amazon:

Jafar "Ecstatic" T-shirt

Retro Genie T-Shirt

90's Rock Band Ursula T-shirt

There are other villains, too!

TailSpin T-shirt

(I can hear the theme song now!)

Mos Eisley Cantina T-Shirt

My husband always get compliments when he wears this!

My girls love these princess-themes hair bows! They wear them at home AND in the parks!

These cute scrunchies are also a hit!

For Your Park Bag

Fuel Rods

Your phone battery doesn't stand a chance in the parks. Fuel Rods are the easiest chargers to use, because Disney and Universal have kiosks everywhere, and you can swap a dead Fuel Rod for a fresh one for FREE. As many times as you want! Never run out of power in the parks! If you purchase these in the parks, they are $30 for one, so save yourself a lot of money and order them ahead of time online.

Travel packs of wipes- my babies are definitely not babies anymore, but wipes are still a staple! Use them to clean hands, faces, tables, ice cream off of everything, you name it!

Tide Sticks- because if you don't bring them, you will need them.

Body Glide and Foot Glide- put this on in the morning before you head to the parks, and then throw in your park bag for touch-ups as needed throughout the day.

Personal Neck Fan

This is a lifesaver for me! It's rechargeable, and can even charge on a Fuel Rod in the parks. Lightweight, quiet and folds up. LOVE mine.

Cooling Towels- a must-have in the summer! Also bring empty Ziploc bags to put them in once you're done, so the rest of your bag stays dry.

Gatorade Mix-in Packets

When it's hot and you are sweaty and tired, mix one of these into your water bottle.

Good! Snacks Protein Bars

I love these because they are a delicious cinnamon flavor, and NO CHOCOLATE to get all melty in your bag! The lemon is yummy, too!

Hard-side Glasses Case

Sunglasses are a must! Keep yours from getting crushed in your bag. (And sparkle while doing so!)

For Your Hotel Room

10-Port USB Charger

You need to charge cell phones, Magic Bands, Fuel Rods, and other electronics overnight. And one measly charging plug isn't going to cut it! Simplify your life with this.

Clorox wipes- clean everything with ease!

Pop-Up Laundry Hamper- corral those stinky clothes until you're ready to go home! Also bring a couple of your favorite large trash bags, to stuff everything in when it's time to pack up for home.


or bring your favorite vitamin or supplement

Like it or not, Disney is a germy place. I take one of these every evening when I travel, for a little extra immune boost.

Travel Scissors

I always carry a pair with me- useful for so many things!

Pack It All Up

Gotta have good luggage! Be sure to confirm your luggage will meet your airline's size requirements if you plan to carry on your bags.

My current suitcases are these Amazon brand bags. Good value, hold everything, and so far have been sturdy enough for multiple trips. They come in great colors, too, so you can always spot your bag on the carousel.

Inside your suitcase, be sure to stash a flat duffel bag. You are going to buy souvenirs, and you may or may not have enough space for everything to get back home! A duffel bag can be filled and either carried on or checked easily.

Jewelry Case

Prevent tangles with this small but mighty little case!

Ready to plan your next Disney vacation? When you book with me, I am here to help you every step of the way. From finding the best price, to keeping track of important planning deadlines, and being here to answer all your questions, see all the ways having a vacation fairy can make your vacation more magical.


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