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Is 2024 Your Disneyland Year? Booking Opens August 24th!

Is 2024 Your Disneyland Year?

If it is, I've got great news: I can create your perfect 2024 Disneyland vacation for you beginning August 24, 2023!

Is Disneyland the right vacation destination for me?

Disneyland offers something for everyone! From classic rides that all ages can enjoy, to thrill rides, to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, there is lots to enjoy. Avengers Campus is waiting to be explored- and heroes are waiting to be encountered! Foodies will find lots to love, from signature restaurants to food festivals. And special events will take your seasonal joy to the next level- from Lunar New Year, to the Food & Wine Festival, to fall and Halloween like none other, and of course, the holidays twinkle even brighter with Disney magic!

If you have young kids in your travel party, Disneyland is really great. There are tons of classic rides that are gentle, and do not have height requirements. Don't worry- they're perfect for the young-at-heart, too!

If you enjoy nostalgia, you will find it in magical heaps at Disneyland! This is where it all started- Walt Disney himself walked this Main Street. Several of the original 1955 opening day rides are still there to enjoy.

If you've only been to Walt Disney World, you've got to experience the wonder of Disneyland! It is tiny compared to Walt Disney World, but big on magic and Disney history! (Just wait until you see Sleeping Beauty Castle!) There are plenty of attractions you can't find at Walt Disney World, and several you can- and it's fun to compare the two and spot the differences!

And it's perfect if you're craving some Disney magic, but don't have a whole week to dedicate to Walt Disney World. You can comfortably see and do almost everything in 3 days (or 2, if you don't mind skipping some stuff). It's a quicker, easier trip.

Bonus- you can add on some time at Universal Studios Hollywood, and check out Super Nintendo World! Not to mention, Harry Potter fans will love meandering in Hogsmeade, and movie lovers of all ages will have fun going straight into some of their favorite movies!

Why would I want to book so far in advance?

Two reasons: availability and price! Disneyland Resort has three hotels on property, and as you can imagine, they book up quickly! Booking early gives you the best selection of travel dates and hotel room options.

And price! Booking early means you lock in this year's lower price. (Spoiler alert: Disney prices go up every year.) And if a discount gets released later that you qualify for, I will auto-"magically" apply it for you- you don't have to do a thing! You can relax knowing you've got the best price- whether it's this year's or a discount.

And if you change your mind or your vacation plans, no problem. All deposits are fully refundable until 30 days before arrival. It's much smarter to grab your preferred hotel room now, and change your mind later, rather than decide later you want to go later on, but not be able to find your preferred travel dates or hotel room!

Can't I just book Disneyland myself online?

Sure, anyone can go online and book a Disneyland vacation. But do you really know what you're getting? When you book your vacation with me, I will review your wishes for your trip, along with your travel preferences, and find the perfect vacation package for YOU.

And my services are just beginning after you get your confirmation number. I am here to customize every aspect of your trip, from how you spend your days in the theme parks, to dining and activity reservations, transportation options, and all my best tips & tricks from my many visits to the theme parks. I've already done all the research for you, so you don't have to waste your precious time searching online. Then, I will book it all for you, and keep everything in one place- a detailed digital vacation itinerary, in a convenient app, that you can reference any time.

And if you've got questions, I've got answers! I LOVE to talk Disney, and as my client, you will get unlimited planning phone appointments with me, and you can email me any time with questions. I am here to make sure you are comfortable, confident and have everything you need going into your trip. You just pack, and go make those magical memories!

Or, you can book yourself online, get your confirmation number, and all the rest is up to you. Which would you prefer?

Ready to plan your next Disney vacation?

Do you have vacation questions? Not sure exactly what you're looking for? I'm here to help!


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